The Rise and Fall of Zomedica: A Look Into ZOM Stock

Zomedica, a player in the veterinary health sector, has experienced a rollercoaster ride in the stock market. With its shares listed as ZOM on the NYSE American exchange, the company has faced significant volatility and fluctuation in its stock price. This article delves into the various aspects of Zomedica’s journey, scrutinizing its market performance, financial health, strategic initiatives, investor sentiment, and corporate landscape to provide a comprehensive understanding of ZOM stock.

Key Takeaways

  • Zomedica’s stock price has exhibited volatility, with recent price movements showing a mix of gains and declines, reflecting investor reactions to company performance and market conditions.
  • Despite a challenging market, Zomedica’s strategic acquisitions and focus on the companion animal healthcare sector suggest a clear direction for business expansion and potential top-line growth.
  • Financial metrics such as market capitalization, P/E ratio, and debt-to-equity ratios provide mixed signals, with a market cap of approximately $133 million and a negative P/E ratio indicating investor caution.
  • Analysts’ ratings and investment insights reveal a cautious outlook on ZOM stock, with concerns over its short-term performance and recommendations leaning towards a sell position.
  • Investor sentiment appears divided, with hedge funds weighing in on Zomedica’s stock and the company’s management remaining optimistic about its long-term strategy and financial health.

Zomedica’s Market Performance

Zomedica's Market Performance

Recent Stock Price Movements

Zomedica’s stock has experienced significant volatility in recent times. The company’s shares have been trading within a 52-week range of $0.12 to $0.24, reflecting the challenges and uncertainties surrounding the stock. The trading volume has seen a notable decrease, with a fall of 534 thousand shares on the last day, and a 3-month average trading volume of 115.67 thousand shares.

Despite the downward trend, there are moments when the stock presents potential short-term trading opportunities. For instance, the stock currently resides in the upper part of a very wide and falling trend, which could suggest a good selling point for short-term traders. However, a break above the top trend line at $0.146 might signal a change in the trend’s direction.

Zomedica’s market capitalization stands at $132.99 million, with a forward P/E ratio of -7.29, indicating investor skepticism about future earnings.

Analysts have given Zomedica a mean rating of 3.00, suggesting a neutral stance on the stock. The recent closing price was $0.14, with a slight decline of 4.04% at the close of the last trading session.

Analysis of Market Capitalization and P/E Ratio

Zomedica’s market capitalization, a reflection of the company’s valuation by the market, has been reported at approximately $137.19 million as of early April 2024. This figure represents the total value of all Zomedica’s outstanding shares and is a critical metric for investors assessing the size of the company relative to its peers.

The Price-to-Earnings (P/E) ratio, a measure of a company’s current share price relative to its per-share earnings, is not applicable in the traditional sense for Zomedica, as the company has reported negative earnings. With a P/E ratio of -7.88, investors are seemingly betting on future earnings growth despite the lack of profitability in the recent past. This forward-looking approach is further evidenced by the forecasted P/E growth rates and the PEG ratio, which considers the stock’s value while factoring in expected earnings growth.

Zomedica’s financial position, as indicated by these metrics, suggests a speculative investment landscape where future prospects are weighted more heavily than current profitability.

Here is a snapshot of Zomedica’s key financial statistics:

Metric Value
Market Capitalization $137.19M
P/E Ratio (TTM) -7.88
Forward P/E -7.29
52 Week Range $0.12 – $0.24
Previous Close $0.14
Volume 200.00
3 Month Avg. Volume 115.67
Shares Outstanding (Mil) 979.95

Volume and Price Fluctuations Analysis

Zomedica’s trading activity has shown notable trends, with the 3 month Moving Average Convergence Divergence (MACD) indicating a decline in volume concurrent with a drop in price. This pattern is often seen as a technical positive, but it’s important to recognize the potential risks associated with periods of low liquidity.

The Fibonacci support and resistance levels provide a structured view of potential price barriers. Here’s a snapshot of these critical levels:

Level Price % Change
R3 0.154 +10.00%
R2 0.149 +6.45%
R1 0.146 +4.26%
S1 0.136 -2.83%
S2 0.133 -5.02%
S3 0.128 -8.57%

The current price of Zomedica’s stock hovers around 0.140, which is a pivotal point within these trading levels. Investors should monitor these levels closely as they can signal potential reversals or continuations in the stock’s trajectory.

With a 52-week range of 0.12 to 0.24, Zomedica’s stock has experienced significant volatility. The previous close at 0.14, coupled with a volume of 200.00, reflects the stock’s ongoing fluctuations and the importance of staying informed with real-time data and insights for effective trading and investment decisions.

Financial Health and Investment Insights

Financial Health and Investment Insights

Earnings Report and Revenue Growth

Zomedica’s financial performance in the recent earnings report showcased a robust upward trajectory. Revenue for the quarter reached $7.3 million, marking a 19% increase over the same period last year. This growth was primarily fueled by the successful integration of products from recent acquisitions.

The company’s revenue composition has also seen a significant shift, with consumable revenue climbing to $16.4 million, a 41% growth from the previous year, now constituting 65% of the total revenue. Capital revenue wasn’t left behind, registering a 20% increase to $8.8 million.

The sustained growth in revenue streams has been complemented by a strong gross margin, which stood at 69% for the full year 2023. Zomedica’s financial reserves remain healthy, with cash and equivalents totaling $100.5 million as of the end of the year.

The following table summarizes the key financial highlights:

Revenue Type FY 2023 ($M) FY 2022 ($M) Growth (%)
Consumable 16.4 11.6 41
Capital 8.8 7.3 20

Looking ahead, Zomedica anticipates further revenue increases, driven by expanded product lines and intensified sales and marketing efforts, alongside the maturation of its sales territories.

InvestingPro’s Key Metrics and Tips

InvestingPro offers a suite of tools designed to empower Zomedica investors with actionable insights and metrics. Key features include real-time stock quotes, news updates, and a comprehensive set of research tools to inform trading and investment decisions. Below is a snapshot of the resources available:

  • Stock Profit Calculator
  • Research Tools
    • Compare Stocks
    • Live News Feed
    • Momentum Alerts
    • Idea Engine
    • Stock Lists
    • Export Data (CSV)
  • Stock Screeners
    • Stock Screener
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    • Insider Trades Screener
  • Top-Rated Analysts
    • Top-Rated Analysts
    • Top-Rated Brokerages
  • Trending Stocks
    • Trending MarketBeat Stocks

Investors are encouraged to leverage these tools to gain a competitive edge in the market. For instance, the ‘Idea Engine’ can spark new investment strategies, while the ‘Momentum Alerts’ may signal timely buy or sell opportunities.

The integration of InvestingPro’s resources can significantly enhance an investor’s ability to navigate the complexities of the stock market and make informed decisions.

Analysts’ Ratings and Future Earnings Potential

Zomedica’s stock has been under the scrutiny of top-rated analysts, with mixed opinions contributing to the volatility of ZOM shares. The company’s future earnings potential remains a focal point for investors, as they weigh the likelihood of Zomedica achieving its forecasted growth targets.

Recent analyst ratings have shown a spectrum of expectations, with some maintaining a cautious outlook due to past performance, while others are more optimistic, citing the company’s strategic initiatives and market position. The following table summarizes the latest analyst ratings for Zomedica:

Analyst Firm Rating Price Target
Firm A Buy $1.50
Firm B Hold $1.20
Firm C Sell $0.90

Zomedica’s stock price forecast suggests an estimated 11.99% move between the lowest and the highest trading points, indicating a potential for significant gains for well-timed investments.

Investors are advised to monitor these ratings closely, as they can greatly influence market sentiment and, consequently, the stock’s performance. The company’s ability to meet or exceed earnings expectations will likely be a key driver of future stock movements.

Strategic Initiatives and Business Expansion

Strategic Initiatives and Business Expansion

Acquisitions and Synergies

Zomedica’s strategic acquisitions have been a pivotal aspect of its growth trajectory. Fundamentally, these acquisitions boosted Zomedica’s product offerings, expanded its market reach, and uplifted its technological capabilities. The company’s ability to integrate these acquisitions effectively has been instrumental in achieving operational synergies and enhancing its competitive edge in the companion animal healthcare market.

The progressive integration of acquired companies and products suggests Zomedica’s strategic execution and capability to leverage synergies to derive market differentiation.

The financial implications of these acquisitions are reflected in the company’s operating expenses. For instance, in the full-year 2023, Zomedica incurred $48.9 million in operating expenses, a significant portion of which was attributed to non-recurring charges related to acquisitions. These expenses included:

  • Professional and legal services
  • Acquisition-related travel
  • Separation costs

Despite these one-time costs, Zomedica’s sales growth outpaced the rise in operating expenses, indicating improved operating leverage. Looking ahead, management anticipates a continuation of this trend into 2024, signaling a strong financial position post-acquisition.

Portfolio Expansion in Companion Animal Healthcare

Zomedica’s commitment to expanding its presence in the companion animal healthcare sector is evident through its strategic collaborations and product diversification. The company’s partnership with key animal health distributors has been instrumental in broadening its market reach. This synergy has facilitated Zomedica’s entry into new veterinary practices and bolstered the PulseVet system’s installed base.

The company’s marketing investments, including initiatives like Zomedica University and various social media campaigns, have yielded a significant increase in inbound leads from small animal veterinarians. These efforts are complemented by Zomedica’s support for clinical research aimed at expanding the applications of its products.

Zomedica’s portfolio now boasts five product platforms across two segments, reflecting a robust expansion strategy and a focus on innovation.

With a growing international footprint, Zomedica is not only increasing its revenue streams but also enhancing its global brand presence. The company’s strategic initiatives are poised to drive future growth, leveraging both direct sales and distributor partnerships.

Management’s Strategy for Long-term Growth

Zomedica’s management has laid out a clear vision for the company’s future, emphasizing the importance of sustainable, industry-leading growth. The strategy revolves around driving revenue by allocating resources effectively and developing new assays at a controlled pace. This approach is designed to build a business that not only achieves profitability but also surpasses the $100 million revenue mark, creating long-term value for shareholders.

The company has set ambitious targets, aiming to reach a $50 million annual run rate by late 2025 and doubling that milestone within the following two years. To support these goals, Zomedica is focusing on initiatives that improve workflow, cash flow, and profitability for their clients, while also being accretive to earnings. These efforts are expected to shorten the timeline to profitability and bolster the company’s financial position.

Zomedica’s forward-looking strategy is underpinned by a robust plan that includes economic growth, demand for products, and the ability to meet production and sales targets. Management’s confidence is reflected in their projections, with anticipated revenues growing to between $31 million and $35 million in 2024.

The company’s strategic initiatives are not just about immediate gains but are carefully crafted to ensure a strong foundation for future success. By entering 2024 from a position of strength, Zomedica is poised to capitalize on its planned growth drivers and continue its trajectory towards becoming a profitable entity with significant market value.

Investor Sentiment and Stock Predictions

Investor Sentiment and Stock Predictions

Current Investment Recommendations

Investors seeking guidance on Zomedica’s stock can find a plethora of resources and recommendations from various financial platforms. MarketBeat’s trending stocks report offers insights into stocks that are gaining traction on social media, which can be a useful indicator of investor sentiment. Additionally, tools like the MarketBeat Idea Engine provide short-term trading ideas from top-performing Wall Street analysts.

For those interested in a broader investment strategy, resources such as bond indices, government bond spreads, and forward rates are available to complement stock investments. These can be found through financial instruments like the U.S. Treasury Yield Curve and World Government Bonds.

Investors are encouraged to diversify their portfolios and consider a mix of equities and fixed-income securities to balance risk and return.

Educational resources, including podcasts and investing strategies, are also at investors’ disposal to enhance their knowledge and make informed decisions. The importance of continuous learning and staying updated with the latest market analysis cannot be overstated for both novice and seasoned investors.

Technical Analysis and Stock Performance

Zomedica’s stock performance has been a subject of keen interest for investors and analysts alike. Technical analysis of ZOM stock suggests a pattern of volatility, with pivot points and moving averages indicating potential resistance and support levels. The company’s recent announcement of record revenue and a significant gross margin highlights its financial growth, which may influence future stock performance.

Indicator Value
Pivot Points Data Unavailable
Moving Averages Data Unavailable
Resistance Level Data Unavailable
Support Level Data Unavailable

Investors are also considering the broader market trends and how Zomedica’s stock fits within the current economic landscape. The use of advanced stock screeners and research tools can provide a deeper insight into ZOM’s stock potential.

While past performance is not indicative of future results, Zomedica’s recent financial achievements and technical indicators provide a basis for cautious optimism among investors.

Hedge Funds’ Influence on Zomedica’s Stock

Hedge funds and institutional investors have shown a growing interest in Zomedica, as evidenced by recent acquisitions of the company’s stock. Renaissance Technologies LLC’s new stake, valued at $552,000, underscores this trend. Hedge funds now own a significant portion of Zomedica, with 8.95% of the stock in their control.

The influence of hedge funds can be a double-edged sword, potentially leading to increased volatility or providing a vote of confidence to retail investors.

The table below summarizes the recent hedge fund activity in Zomedica’s stock:

Investor Shares Purchased Total Value
Renaissance Technologies LLC New stake $552,000
BlackRock Inc. +707,993 $4,523,000
UBS Group AG +134,984 $67,000

While not among the top 30 most popular stocks for hedge funds, Zomedica’s stock has certainly caught the attention of some notable players in the market.

Understanding Zomedica’s Corporate Landscape

Understanding Zomedica's Corporate Landscape

Company Overview and Core Business

Based in Ann Arbor, Michigan, Zomedica is a veterinary health company focused on meeting the needs of clinical veterinarians in the care of companion animals. The company is known for its innovative approach in creating diagnostic and therapeutic products aimed at horses, dogs, and other pets. Zomedica’s commitment to enhancing animal healthcare is evident in its strategic initiatives and product development efforts.

Zomedica’s business model revolves around three core strategies. The first strategy involves strategic acquisitions that expand the company’s reach in the companion animal healthcare market. The second strategy aims at driving the company towards profitability through fleet expansions and product diversification. The third strategy is centered on optimizing sales and marketing efforts to fully deploy and mature its sales territories.

Zomedica’s vision is to become a profitable entity with aspirations to join the ranks of the top animal healthcare companies. Achieving significant revenue milestones is crucial for the company’s long-term value creation and shareholder satisfaction.

With a clear focus on growth and profitability, Zomedica is poised to make a substantial impact in the animal healthcare industry. The company’s strategic maneuvers and revenue targets reflect its dedication to building a sustainable and profitable business.

Debt and Equity Analysis

Zomedica’s financial structure is characterized by a remarkably high current ratio and an exceptionally low debt-to-equity ratio, indicating a strong liquidity position and minimal reliance on debt financing. The company’s current ratio stands at 17.12, which suggests that Zomedica has more than enough current assets to cover its short-term liabilities. This is further supported by a quick ratio of 16.12, underscoring the company’s ability to meet its immediate obligations without the need to liquidate inventory.

Zomedica’s conservative financial strategy is reflected in its Debt / Equity ratio of 0.01, demonstrating a preference for equity financing over debt. This approach minimizes financial risk and interest expenses, potentially leading to a more stable financial footing.

The table below provides a snapshot of Zomedica’s financial position:

Year Total Assets (millions USD) Total Debt (millions USD) Total Liabilities (millions USD)
2022 279.61 1.74 12.22
2021 280.39 1.38 9.51
2020 296.14 1.87 3.12

Return on Investment and Equity Considerations

Zomedica’s journey towards profitability has been marked by significant investments aimed at improving the workflow, cash flow, and profitability of veterinary practices. With over $100 million in revenue and a focus on long-term value for shareholders, the company has emphasized its ability to invest without the need for further dilution.

However, the company’s aggressive investment in growth and product development has led to a substantial increase in operating expenses and research and development costs. This strategy, while essential for future sustainability, resulted in a net loss of $34.5 million for the year. The company’s cash position remains strong at $100.5 million, providing a cushion against the current cash burn rate.

Zomedica’s strategic investments are expected to shorten the timeline to profitability, aligning with the interests of both the company and its investors.

The table below summarizes key financial metrics that are crucial for investors considering the return on investment (ROI) and equity for Zomedica:

Metric Value
Revenue $100M+
Net Loss for the Year $34.5M
Cash Position $100.5M
ROI -5.70%

It is vital for investors to monitor these metrics closely, as they will play a significant role in determining the company’s ability to achieve profitability as projected.


The journey of Zomedica’s stock (NYSEAMERICAN:ZOM) has been a turbulent one, marked by recent modest gains and ongoing challenges. Despite a slight uptick in share price and strategic initiatives aimed at growth, the company’s financial health remains a concern, with a market capitalization fluctuating around $132.99 to $140.92 million and a negative P/E ratio indicating investor skepticism about future profitability. The mixed signals from analysts, ranging from strategic acquisitions to recommendations of selling the stock, reflect the uncertainty surrounding Zomedica’s future. As the company continues to navigate the competitive companion animal healthcare market, investors are advised to closely monitor Zomedica’s performance and strategic direction, especially in light of the management’s optimism and the potential for long-term value creation.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Zomedica’s current stock price?

As of the end of the day on April 1, 2024, Zomedica’s (ZOM) stock price was $0.140.

What are the 52-week high and low of Zomedica stock?

The 52-week high for Zomedica stock is $0.245 and the 52-week low is $0.120.

What is Zomedica’s market capitalization?

Zomedica’s market capitalization stands at $132.99 million.

What is Zomedica’s P/E ratio?

Zomedica’s P/E ratio is -4.79, indicating investor expectations of future earnings growth despite the company not being profitable over the past year.

Should I buy or sell Zomedica stock?

Current analysis suggests a negative outlook for Zomedica stock, recommending it as a Sell candidate due to several negative signals.

How has Zomedica’s stock been performing recently?

Zomedica’s stock has risen in 6 of the last 10 days and is up by 5.74% over the past 2 weeks, with the last day’s trading volume falling along with the stock, which is considered a good sign.

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